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Monday, November 14, 2011

Continuing legacies ...

It was unintentional that I am delinquent in maintaining this blog.  I do, however, have a really good reason, or maybe several.

I am volunteering for two new historical societies and, with my own research and data entry, time is gets away from me.  This is the reason, but not a good one.  So I am back and hoping to generate some buzz.

When I began researching my family trees, I wondered, who will continue what I spent so much time in compiling and maintaining?  This same topic was raised by someone from my online genealogy groups.  Who will continue your legacy and research?

My professional background is in communications and public relations.  I have experience writing for and maintaining web sites and offered my social media services to the members of a small historical society.  I walked away rather dismayed. First, I think that I was the youngest member there.  Second, they all but said that they don't want or even need to grow their organization, and that their web site was suitable for their needs. It wasn't even up and running as of that meeting.  So what happens to small local societies after the members die off, especially if they don't have a strategy to recruit and incorporate younger members with fresh ideas and strategies?  Am I missing something? 

In closing, what do you intend to do with your research and who will inherit your treasured collections?

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