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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I recently joined a small historic society.  A discussion was brought up that they have photos that are not identified, and they really don't know how to get these identified.

A suggestion was raised to hold a small photo identification party for the community.  So a date was set, and location reserved.  Now what, they ask.  So the public relations part of my brain kicked in and I offered several suggestions. 

If you belong to such historical societies, how do you identify donated photos?  Has your society held such an event and would you be willing to share your tips? 

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  1. Several opportunities here:

    1. Upload the photos to a site like Dead Fred ( where the public can help identify the photos.

    2. Create an Orphaned Photo page on your society website or individual blog posts on your society blog and enlist the public's help in identifying the photos.

    3. Hire a speaker like Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective or purchase one of her excellent books and study it as a group and employ those forensic genealogy skills.


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