Friday, August 23, 2013

German History in Maryland

Just this week I was re-shelving a book at the York County Heritage Trust, when I noticed that the book was about German church records in Baltimore, Maryland. So I went to the index and found who I have been searching for over the past few years! It was just by chance that I took the time to check the index.

This morning, I spent some time researching places in the Baltimore, Maryland area where I can visit and hopefully learn more about my dad's ancestors. While on the German Marylanders' website, I skimmed the timeline and learned the following:

In 1940, Gustav Brunn, a Frankfurt Germany native developed a spice used for crabs.  He had arrived a year earlier in Baltimore from Germany.  His spice was sold many years later to McCormick.  Brunn invented 'Old Bay'. (courtesy of German Marylanders).

I suppose good old Gustav and I have something in common...he created a blend of spices that today is used widely on our favorite seafood, and I accidentally stumbled on relevant data that I considered to be a treasure into my family's past. 

P.S.  If you are interested in learning where the name 'Old Bay' came from, read more here.


  1. Love Old Bay! the UTZ Crab Chips I get from home in Pa. I wonder if they use OLD BAY? I'll have to write home for a bag now! Great Post on something us Easterner's love.

  2. Better late than not...Try Old Bay on ears of corn and with a smear of mayonnaise. My husband learned to eat corn on the cob this way in Mexico. Let me know if you tried it.


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