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Monday, October 3, 2011

I think that I shall never see a completed Genealogy!

This is what I think about as I work on my husband's family tree.  His relatives from four families are connected through the generations.  This makes my data entry confusing at times and keeps me alert. 

To add to my genealogy research and data entry, I recently started volunteering for the York County Heritage Trust located in York, Pennsylvania, in the research library.  What an awesome library collection they have.  I have only been in twice, and can't wait for a free day so that I can rummage through the files to learn more about the Staubs and Kraffts who immigrated from Germany.

Now, did I have the time to do this, since every day I spend about 6 hours on on the computer?  No, not really.  But this is a great opportunity in so many ways: assisting someone else with their research, helping the YCHT on projects, and learning.  I love to network and wish that there was a group in my area in which genealogists could share a cup of coffee/tea/latte and talk ancestors and share tips with each other.  Hum, maybe I should suggest this and get a group started.  So little time for so many darn ideas.

If you are reading this blog and care to comment on my genealogy social gathering idea, I would love to hear from you.  After all, genealogy is about connections.  Thank you for dropping by.

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