Monday, January 14, 2013

TV Worthy I Am Not ...

Today I opened my Inbox and read a notification wishing me a happy blogging 2nd anniversary.  Apparently I started this blog two years ago.  Time sure flies. 

I could claim being busy, and that might be so.  There were no 'ah-ha' moments, therefore nothing intriguing and worth while mentioning.  However ...
  • I uncovered one Staub ancestor's Company information when he served in the Civil War.  Just this Christmas I shared this information with a great nephew (that makes me feel old!) who has an interest in  Civil War and participated in a re-enactment. I think that I opened another door and made a young historian happy. 
  • Prior to Super Storm Sandy, I visited with an elderly neighbor, taking them a dish of my 4-cheese macaroni casserole.  One thing lead to another and I ended up with information about his family and embarked on a journey to help him find his roots.  I hit a brick wall, but did find some interesting stuff, AND learned the history of three counties - Baltimore, Frederick, and Carroll.  Funny how little details are too darned important.  Now I can't wait to share what I found.
  • Saw the movies Lincoln and Les Miserables.  I actually understood the history from it all and enjoyed it.  Also, I developed a deepened appreciation for my ancestors who lived during those trying times.
Guess it is the small stuff that keeps me digging.  So, you won't be seeing me on TV anytime soon, right?

Happy New Year.  Blessings to all genealogists.  Happy research.


  1. Happy Blogiversary!! I've been a member for about four months.

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary! Your blog looks great. May you have many more happy posts!


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