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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finishing what I started

When 2011 arrived I resolved to finish what I started. Since leaving my job in public relations I found several unfinished projects - a quilt that my mother started, keeping my potted herbs alive and actually cook with them , and completing researching my family tree.  Until today, work and life got in the way.  

Today is the beginning of my personal journey.  My first task ... researching my ancestors beginning with my family and then my husband's.  Who knows where this new hobby could lead me. 

After a few days of digging into my parent's past, I learned that my grandmother Ida Mae (Simpson) Berkheimer's family has links to England.  My other grandmother Mary Catherine (Monath) Wildasin has roots back to Germany.  Oh, but there is so much to do - organizing data, documenting information, putting a name to all the photos that my parents stuck (literally) in a photo album.  My dad glued photos to the pages of his photo album.  Thank goodness for scanners!

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  1. Best of luck in your search! I am also trying to complete some unfinished quilts...but my genealogy habit keeps getting in the way!


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