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Friday, January 14, 2011

Faces ...

As you can see, I have a challenge ahead of me. 

I found this photo page tucked among my mother's things and, for no apparent reason, claimed it.  I recognize just a few of the many faces.  For instance, in the upper left corner (and also in two other places on the page) is my grandmother (on my mother's side), Ida Mae (Simpson) Berkheimer.  She had a fetish for hats.  I have photos of her wearing really wide brimmed hats. 

I was a creative child.  You can see my artwork on this page.  Notice the scribble lines done in pencil. 

I wonder what our ancestors would think, if they were alive today, to know about our modern technology, such as digital cameras, scanners, and the computer. 

Today, I plan to begin documenting all the known information that I have before digging deeper.  Until tomorrow ...

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