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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Once Upon a Time ...

... a little girl (that would be me) was born to parents, LeRoy H. Wildasin and Bernice A. Berkheimer.  My dad named me Mary Kathryn after his mother, Mary Catherine.  According to family stories, my great grandmother, I think, also had my name.  This tale leads me on a quest to find out just who these great grandparents were and where my ancestors reside today.  This is what I do know:   

My grandmother's surname was Monath.

The Monath family emmigrated from Germany on a shipping vessel, Orleans, and arrived in the Port of New York circa 1852. 

Christian Monath was age 15 when he came to America on the Orleans.

Every summer my family would attend a Monath reunion in Taneytown, Maryland, along the Big Pipe Creek.

Someone in the family tree maintained a huge wheel with all the ancestors' names on it and now I want to find this big wheel and any living relatives who know of this.
If anyone can help me with leads, information, pictures, email addresses, this information would make a very nice ending to my tale. 

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