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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I consider myself a savvy computer user when it comes to computers and software.  After all, my degree is in communications, and I have been using software for MACs and PCs for over ten years.  Following instructions is another story. 

The software I use for storing my genealogy files comes with a really cool add-on program for creating professional looking DVDs and CDs.  In my pre-Christmas haste, I created a disc to share with family, and which I failed to use as I intended. 

Today, I opened my genealogy program to continue adding more data to my database.  I couldn't find the family file that I was working on!  Talk about heart failure.  I had a sickening feeling that I would be re-entering a huge portion of the 21,500+ names and dates.  That calculates to many, many hours of typing, which I wasn't looking forward to doing. 

After some reading and praying, I took a gamble, followed the software restore feature, said a silent prayer, and hit, go.  I am back in business. 

If that had not worked, my New Year would not be off to a good start.  Next time I tinker around with the DVD feature, I plan to back up to yet a third source, then hit Go!

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