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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wee Willie Sherdel ...

In researching my husband's family, I find unexpected surprises, like the image (left) of Wee Willie Sherdel.  Born in 1896 in McSherrystown, Adams, PA, USA, he married Mary Ethel Strasbaugh.  Mary was a great, great, great granddaughter (I think that I counted back correctly) to Eva Catherine Staub, who was daughter to Adam Staub.  Adam immigrated to America about 1738 on the Winter Galley.  He married and eventually migrated to Adams County where he lived and died.  Much to tell about his life story, too.
So like an excited kid I tell my husband, and he says, 'yeh, I knew about this, but not how he fit into the family.'  Talk about bursting my bubble!  I thought I had something new to tell him.  So, in addition to Bull Durham, the Staub family has yet another link, but not a blood relative, to a notable ancestor. 

I also learned that he attended Hanover High School, my Alma Mater, and that he played for a baseball team called the Hanover Raiders, which my son did also a few years back. What I didn't realize is that these two organizations have history going back many years. 

A few posts ago I mentioned that Bull Durham (aka. Louis R. Staub) was another Staub notable.  His great, great grandfather (or another great) was Jacobus Staub.  This would make him Eva's brother and Adams son.  Pretty cool! 

I would love to get my hands on that baseball card for my baseball loving husband and sons.  Guess I will have to visit eBay.  Happy researching, everyone!

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