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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Oh, I am bad ...

It is Christmas day and while sitting in church this morning, our priest began his homily talking about ‘roots’.  Guess I am now a true genealogist; you can imagine what first thought went through my mind!  Was he really going to talk about genealogy?  Really?! 

In a sense he did.  After all, for many religions, Christmas is celebrated based on the birth of Jesus.  But no matter what your faith is, you still have roots for which you are thankful.  But, shame on me to be thinking of genealogy!

He also talked about remembering how to keep the meaning of the season real and fresh.  As with any clergy, he received many, many cards and letters from his parishioners, especially little children.  He infused his sermon with snippets of the many messages – from compliments on his singing becoming much better to the traditional Merry Christmas.  Their message to the priest was simplistic, honest, and truly spoken from the heart.  How often do we as adults forget to keep life manageable and honest? 

As 2011 comes to an end and ushers in 2012, I am once again reminded of what will be important - keeping life simple, honest, and within means.  To give thanks for the many gifts of family, grandchildren, friends, life, and freedom.  Taking care of the one gift that I take for granted – my health and husband. 

Today, we all celebrate in one way or the other the reason for the season.  I wish everyone that today and everyday will be blessed with all things good. 

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