Saturday, April 18, 2015

History from a cemetery

I love cemeteries so much that I now volunteer for one, Mount Olivet Cemetery in Hanover, Pennsylvania.  I have been researching the souls residing within the cemetery and on a recent trip, which have been many, I saw this cute and very old tombstone with a military medal sticking in the ground for Henry Sherman who served during the War of 1812-1814.  While it is standing strong and proud, the engraving was not very clear, but I did determine the name and a year.  So, began my search!

I spent an afternoon at the York County Heritage Trust's research library and found a genealogy of Henry Sherman.  His service was at the end of the War for two months.  He was paid $2 for each month that he served.  But the most interesting fact that I learned was that his father was the General Conrad Sherman, Revolutionary War veteran who served between 1776 and 1780. 
Then I remembered that my paternal great grandmother was a Sherman.  Could Henry and Conrad be a relation to my paternal grandmother, Amelia Ellen Sherman-Wildasin?  She was!  Until this discovery, my relatives were generally very quiet folk living in the Pennsylvania-Maryland areas. 
Now the question, do I want to pursue applying to the D.A.R.? 

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