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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Genealogy: A hay stack full of needles. It's the threads I need

I have lived in Hanover, Pennsylvania all my life, and I thought I knew all that there was to know about this small town.  Since I started my journey researching my husband's family, I quickly learned that that was not true.

My main focus was on the Staub family line.  I quickly added the Groft line, then the Smith line, and now the Wilt line.  I was warned by fellow genealogists to only focus on one family line at a time.  Hanover is a small community and it is understandable that this cross-over of families exists.  So focusing on one family was just not possible!

Since starting my journey I have found previously documented information on these families, as most genealogists today have found.  A part of me wonders, 'what is left for me to find?"  Where can I dig deeper to add to my database?  I wonder, too, who else has asked this question and what new research angle turned up interesting family facts. 

It would be fun hearing from other genealogists and to share experiences.  I would involve the family, but it seems like this is my journey and ONLY my journey. 

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