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Friday, June 3, 2011

Family Reunions and In-laws ...

Good morning, everyone.

I need some sage advice.  My husband's family reunions (there are two) are fast approaching.  I've always been very bored going to them, so I haven't actively attended in the past few years.  This year I intend to do so and with the intent of gathering more material for my research and their ancestors' lives.

Have you successfully gathered research from the relatives at family reunions?  If yes, how?  If no, what didn't work?  There are several living Smith brothers or sisters to assist, but in the Staub family the Staub uncles and aunts (their parents) are gone.  Only the spouses are living.

How do I approach the family as a whole (they hold business meetings) to encourage their help with stories, data, and photos for my file?  Remember, I am an in-law!

This is what I tentatively plan to do. Maybe I need my husband to do this for me Feel free to send me your thoughts.
  1. Tell the planning committee and/or the reunion attendees how my research project got started.
  2. Have examples of my current research, such as pedigree charts and other reports, to show them what we can do with this information.
  3. Tell them about this blog.  This may be the most efficient method for them to share info with me and to send photos, as well as my email address.
  4. My plan to start Staub and Smith family web sites.  The intent would be to   allow sharing of stories, photos, and submit changes to the family tree. Could I do this with a blog, Face Book, or another social media outlet?
  5. That in the future I intend to hand over my database files to a younger historian to continue the legacy.
I don't want to take work from their family historian or secretary. 

I also want to ensure that the newer generations begin to learn about their heritage.

I hope that the older generations begin to reminisce about the 'good old days'. 

Other suggestions for sharing their heritage would be most welcome.

As always, thank you!!!

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  1. Mark Tucker of wrote recently about using fb for family history gathering. I think your approach to go through the organizers is the right way to go. I, too, am the in-law family historian. I've had my best results when talking one on one with relatives rather than at the group gatherings. But the gatherings are a great spot to get your interest out in public and network with other researchers. Best of luck!


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