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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And the tree keeps on growing ...

... and I truly mean growing!

I realized today that I hadn't blogged for quite some time.  There are two very good reasons why.  One reason is that I borrowed a family tree book from my husband's cousin.  When it is closed, the thickness is about 6 inches and filled with so much research on the Staub family.  So, around the end of April I began entering the information directly related to his grandfather into my database.  This is tedious and time consuming.  At the same time, I am thankful for the work that has been documented. 

And second, our immediate family sprouted a new grandson.  Matthew Francis was born on May 2, expanding our family tree by one more. The 'Staub' name continues.

As I go through the Staub research I am finding cousins marrying cousins.  This, I am sure, is not unusual to have happened several generations ago and makes research even more tricky.  I find myself adding a duplicate person into my database, then unlinking them. 

As I go through this book, I try to give silent thanks to those who did their research without computers and research that was done by another person. 

Until another time ...

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