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Sunday, June 17, 2012

To Our Dads ...

Raymond Francis Staub, Sr., my father-in-law, 
holding Ms. Laura Staub.
Today is Father's Day.  Presents will be opened.  Handmade cards proudly presented to dads.  Hugs.  Perhaps a specially prepared meal prepared and eaten.

How often I take for granted the fathers before us who paved the way to bring us what we have today.  Their bravery, endurance, and hardships.  They not only carved out homesteads to raise families in, but created who we are today. 

LeRoy Hugh Wildasin, my dad, loved his hats
and found a new place to hang this one - on Ms. Laura's head.

In searching for photographs for another project, I found these two wonderful dads and granddads.  It is these moments caught on film that make me thankful for what they provided us with - love, family, and security.

Thanks my two wonderful dads!

Happy Father's Day to those who may be reading.  May your lives be filled with love and memories, each and every day.


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