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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Community Block Warden

The man in the photo is of my father - a rather handsome fellow I might say!  As most of his photos that he collected, this is not dated nor does it tell me why he is in uniform.  I learned from my only surviving uncle, my father's sibling and who is sharp as a tack at 93, that my father could not join the army.  In light of that, he served on the home front as a Community Block Warden. 

I am guessing that this took place about the 1940 to 1950s.  I wasn't born yet so I did not recall what this was about, and still don't.

So, my request to fellow historians and genealogists is this, can anyone direct me to documentation on the Community Civil Defense program, I think that this is the correct name for the program, or anything on Community Block Wardens in Pennsylvania, namely York County, circa 1940 to 1950? 

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